Whatcom Veggie Rx is a project of the Bellingham Food Bank, the Community Food Co-op, The Community Health Plan of Washington, and your medical provider aimed at helping all people eat healthy produce as a part of their personal health plan.

Who is eligible to receive Whatcom Veggie Rx vouchers?

This 2018-2019 pilot project works with food-insecure individuals living with diabetes. We identify patients with Hemoglobin A1c levels above 9% at Sea Mar Community Health Centers, Unity Care Northwest, and PeaceHealth’s Nutrition and Diabetes Clinics. Medical providers at these clinics educate their patients and enroll them into the Whatcom Veggie Rx program.

What can I buy with my Whatcom Veggie Rx prescription voucher?

You can purchase any fresh or frozen fruits or vegetables (items with added salt or sugar are not eligible).

How do I use the prescription voucher?

Your Whatcom Veggie Rx prescription voucher is automatically loaded each month for 12 months with $40. All you have to do is shop for groceries like normal and show your Whatcom Veggie Rx card to the cashier when you check out. The first $40 of fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables will be debited from your account.

Does my Whatcom Veggie Rx prescription voucher expire?

Yes. Your account will not accumulate credit above $40 per month, but it will be automatically refreshed on the first day of each month. To get the maximum value from your vouchers, make sure to spend your full $40 prescription every month. Remember that frozen foods are eligible, so you can stock up even if you aren’t in Bellingham regularly.

When can I start using my voucher card?

As soon as you have it. The Community Food Co-op has two locations:

Downtown Store: 120 N. Forest Street (at Holly Street), Bellingham, WA. Open daily 7am-10pm

Cordata Store: 315 Westerly Rd.( at Cordata Parkway), Bellingham, WA. Open daily 7am-9pm

Do I need a membership to shop at the Community Food Co-op?

No, everyone is welcome to shop at the Co-op, but your Whatcom Veggie Rx prescription does come with a free 12-month membership so that you can get even better deals on all items on your grocery list.

Can I check the balance on my account before I go shopping at the co-op.

Absolutely. You can check the balance of your account by calling (360)734-8158.

Are there other resources in this project to help me with my healthy eating goals?

Yes! By visiting www.WhatcomVeggieRx.com you can see the schedule for free 3-part classes on healthy eating, grocery store tours, personal trackers to chart your progress, recipe ideas, and much more.