A childcare stipend is available for class attendees. Please note that childcare is not provided on-site at class locations.

For more information, please review the Whatcom Veggie RX Childcare Stipend Fact Sheet Below:

What is a childcare stipend and why does Whatcom Veggie Rx provide them for care-givers who attend classes?

Stipends are a way of defraying your personal childcare expenses so that you can participate in Veggie Rx health and nutrition education classes. They are offered to encourage participation by parents who might not otherwise be able to attend.

Who is eligible?

Whatcom Veggie RX participants who are parents or direct caregivers of children or other family members are eligible for a stipend. While we want to value the time and effort of all participants within Whatcom Veggie Rx, the primary purpose of the stipends is to overcome childcare expenses that might get in the way of attending any of the three-class series.

Do I automatically get a stipend if I am eligible?

No. People interested in getting a stipend need to complete a stipend request form and submit it to admin@bellinghamfoodbank.org or mail to 1824 Ellis St. Bellingham, WA 98225 within 7 days of attending a class.

What Whatcom Veggie Rx meetings provide stipends?

Stipends are available for Whatcom Veggie Rx health and nutrition education classes that are offered at either the Downtown or Cordata Community Food Co-op.

How much is the stipend for and can I get more than one if I have more than one child?

A stipend is $40 and only one stipend is available per household per class. Households are eligible for a maximum of three stipends (one per class in the three-part series). Also, please be aware that stipends do qualify as income and may need to be considered during your tax preparation.

How do I fill out a stipend request form and where do I get one?

Stipend request forms are available at all Whatcom Veggie Rx Health and Nutrition Education classes or by contacting admin@bellinghamfoodbank.org. Stipend requests must include the name of the participant, a mailing address for the participant, and the signature of the meeting educator.

Doesn’t Bellingham Food Bank already have my information? Why do I need to send it again?

While Bellingham Food Bank is the sponsor of Whatcom Veggie Rx in 2019, due to HIPAA privacy laws, we do not have any information about the participants in Whatcom Veggie Rx. By requesting a stipend, you will be volunteering your identity and participation in the project. Bellingham Food Bank will not share this information with anyone.

Who do I turn it into?

Stipends can be sent via e-mail or delivered in person.