Welcome to Healthy Food

What you eat and how you feel go hand-in-hand. With Veggie RX, eating right is the first step to having better health.

It's true what they say about an apple a day...

Diet can affect your health and well being. When you eat healthy, you feel healthy. Getting the nutrients you need from fresh fruits and vegetables helps support your immune system and puts you on track to be the most healthy you. For best results, have that apple a day and continue to see you medical provider for routine visits.


Making sure that everyone has access to fresh foods, the Bellingham Food Bank makes it their mission to make sure that no one in Whatcom County goes hungry.


The Community Food Co-op is a grocery store that sells fresh, organic, and local groceries. With your Veggie RX card, you have $40 to spend on fresh ingredients.


 Discuss the importance of eating healthy and set personal goals with a provider at one of our participating clinics. Your doctor can help you sign up for Veggie RX.

The Veggie Rx Program

Whatcom Veggie Rx (WVRx) helps people living with Type 2 diabetes eat more fresh produce as part of their personal health plan. Your health provider knows healthy foods can be hard to afford. WVRx is a 12-month prescription voucher that gives you $40 every month to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at the Community Food Co-ops of Bellingham. With a WVRx prescription, you can attend free nutrition classes that are designed to teach you how fruits and vegetables can help manage your blood sugar levels.



Attend free nutrition and cooking classes and learn how to make the most of your fresh produce.


Shop for fresh ingredients at participating locations such as the farmer’s market or the Community Food Co-op.


Learn to cook easy-to-follow recipes for a healthy (and delicious!) dinner every night.